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Alex Hope Kramer

Vocalist| Actor | Composer


Alex Hope Kramer is a New York based Singer, Actor and Composer. After extensive training in Musical Theatre at Northwestern University, Alex moved to New York and rediscovered her love of Jazz. She can be found singing standards and her originals in clubs across the country- from Birdland and Club Cumming in New York to Winter’s and SPACE in the Chicago land area- sometimes with the incredible DW Jazz Orchestra.  In a theatrical setting, Alex has had the privilege of working with Jeff- Award winning directors and with many esteemed performance groups including The Waa-Mu Show and The Dolphin Show.


In addition to performing, Alex works as a part time fitness instructor at AIR- Aerial Fitness. In her spare time you may find her knitting, baking or traveling.



This August Alex sang with the DW Jazz Orchestra at the historic Birdland Jazz Club in New York City. This performance also included the world premiere of a new original song by Alex. This follows a recent performance at Winter's Jazz Club where Alex performed the world premiere of her original song "Degree to Love" with the DWJO. This will be the third original piece that Alex has premiered with The DW Jazz Orchestra, all of which can be found under the composition tab.

She'll be back at Birdland in April! Making her band-leading debut there.





Photo Credit: Robert Mannis



The Idea of You is Alex's Songwriting Debut. Arranged by Sam Wolsk- Alex premiered this work with the DW Jazz Orchestra at Evanston SPACE in February 2019.

Arranged by Sam Wolsk- Alex premiered this work with the DW Jazz Orchestra at Birdland Jazz Club in August 2019.

Degree to Love was written based off of a scene from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. I performed the scene in acting class in college and it always stuck with me. In Act III Scene I Olivia asks Viola (who is masquerading as Sebastian) what he thinks of her. Viola responds "I pity you" and Olivia says "That's a degree to love." This arrangement was done by Sam Wolsk and performed by the DW Jazz Orchestra. See how many allusions to the scene you can catch!